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Dating Banner Exchange. High quality dating traffic.
Dating Banner Exchange. High quality dating traffic.

Dating Affiliate Programs

Dating Affiliate Programs have a higher profitability in contrast to other Affiliate Programs on the Internet. Proof of this is as follows:

Any society built on social relationships. Love, friendship, sex, romance and interaction of interests, all that people are looking for in everyday life. Internet has become an integral part of our life now. It provides a means of implementing social relationships through Online Dating Sites and Matchmaking Services.

Unlike tangible goods-services sector in the Internet, dating sites do not bear the cost of delivery of goods and their storage, as well as not have the equipment depreciation in the workplace. Dating sites - are information services, which are very easily and quickly be transformed into money. For a fee, you can get access to the database on the dating site. Just a few minutes should be for this. Therefore, electronic services on dating sites are 5 times more profitable goods and material services in the Internet.

All of this suggests that Dating and Matchmaking Affiliate Programs will give you a higher income than other Affiliate Programs. There is a lot of bad and not interesting programs. In the search for the desired program can take a long time. Therefore, we offer you the most profitable programs to date, based on our years of experience.

This a popular programs that we recommend:

MBN-Cash.com. MBN - This is a great network for those who want to find love, friends, romance and marriage.

They pay you $2.00 for each woman and $1.00 for each man who signs up for a free membership plus 50% for each sale.

Their Dating Affiliate Program is an easy-to-join system that enables Webmasters to earn monthly paychecks by promoting one or more of the sites within their diverse network.

The Per Member Plus a Bonus Program pays you a fixed amount for each person who signs up for a free membership plus fixed amount for order placed on their site, regardless of length in the membership.

AdultFriendFinder.com. Adult FriendFinder is the most popular personals site for people who are looking for a good time!

They pay up to $1.00 for each unique visitor, or up to 75% of initial membership fees plus recurring bonus. They also offer up to $130.00 per order, regardless of the purchase amount (starts at $19.95).

FriendFinder.com. FriendFinder is the largest online dating personals site. This site is targeted toward singles looking for love, romance, and even marriage. Excellent revenue for any website.

Get a flat $30.00 for every order, regardless of the purchase amount (starts at $19.95) or up to 100% of the membership fees (between $19.94 and $139.95 plus bonus) or $2.00 for every woman and $1.00 for each man who signs up for free!

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